So you wanna do archery.

There are a few things you should know.

Archery is fun. Everything you learn in archery can be applied to the rest of your life.

Archery is great for people that are tired of not being on target.
You will have an opportunity to learn how to neutralize stress,
but you must be willing to invest in loss.

Follow the principles of good form. Do everything with integrity.

Practice indifference to the outcome.

Archery is not about pushing yourself. It's about listening.

Archery is not about winning. It's about integrity.

Doing everything in archery with integrity is winning, regardless of the outcome.

Patience is a skill that can be learned, but you must be willing to invest in loss.

Yielding is deliberate. It's impersonal.

Anxiety is based in fear. It's personal.

When archery is experienced as being hard, it is because the person
is feeling anxiety; fighting their fear.
It's as logical as blaming a door for hitting too hard when running into it.

Have patience with yourself. Be gentle with yourself. Have fun.

Anybody doing archery has personal issues that will come up,
and anybody that has done archery for a while has had at least some success
in dealing with some of these issues.

You'll never be able to learn all of this, but keep trying as if you might.

You'll never be perfect, but keep working on it as if you might.

And last, but not least; don't kid yourself. Archery is not easy but it is fun.

Chester Kosulinski